Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blog the fourth. Whidbey.

Today was our family vaykay day. I believe the initial plan was to leave at 11 am ish so naturally we left at 2 pm. This meant that we could have gone to church but we did not. We drove about 2 hours and took a ferry to a beachy picnic place that looked unmistakably like Richmond Beach, which is 5 minutes from our house. Good food, though. Our dog Lucy enjoyed eating sand and jumping over fallen trees only to discover she couldn't actually make it all the way over the timber. Besdies the eating and leaping canine it was a pretty uneventful trip and I was particularly bummed that I had no iPod to occupy me.

After the family-a-go-go we went to Brad's (who is back from the Coast Guard Academy!) for the raditional Sunday night movie night. However the movie was shut down swiftly when it became too innapropriate and the unanimous decision was made to go to the beach instead. So several of us detatched from the group and went to Baskin Robins. Then I came home and watched two episodes of Law and Order CI.

Strange day.

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