Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blog the third. Parlor.

So today started off quite slow. By slow I mean I was asleep until 11:30. I rarely sleep past 10:00 so this is a pretty big deal. Anyway, I booked my flight to Los Angeles today and spent $50 less than my parents did on the tickets. yay. Also I got my hair cut (photo #1!) and visited Slave to the Needle, a tattoo and piercing parlor in Seattle. No, I did not get a tattoo and no, I did not get a piercing. I made an appointment. Excitement. Tuesday is the big day. That won't be very big. I was told it only takes four minutes... I smell dinner.

So this photo needs some words for it. not 1,000 but some words just the same. Vnecks are my new favorite. Rick Alonzo paints sweet pictures. So does Leonardo de (da?) Vinci. I have far more tacks than I need. That self-made poster has been on my ceiling so long my bed isn't even under it anymore. M eyes were (and still are!) blue today despite my green shirt.

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